Sentient Art and Architecture

Most Recent Practice In co-founding the Exploratorium's Studio for Public Spaces five years ago, my main contribution is to design immersive experiences that synthesize architectural scale installations with the Exploratorium's informal learning sensibility. This body of work has been my primary focus for the last five years. Nevertheless, the TECH and SCIENCE pages summarize an on-going project that, moving forward, will integrate with and augment my art installation practice. Each of these bodies of work investigate living systems from artistic, cultural and technological perspectives. My practice into the future will more intimately synthesize these now distinct threads into a single cohesive body of work.
2013 - 2018
Current Practice My body of work moving forward will be an integration of my recent ART installation practice and my on-going research into technology that aspires to sentience and is autonomously adaptive. These new installations, or “Sentient Observatories”, will implement a novel analog/digital hybrid technology that autonomously re-structures itself based on the continuous, real-time, multi-model input of sensory stimulation from people’s interactions. The intent of these works will be to create an experience that augments people’s ability to understand themselves in an ever richer and expanding context of diverse people set in a shared physical world.
2003 - 2018
Current Practice The integration of my ART installation practice and my sentient TECHnology into Sentient Observatories makes a claim that must be rigorously tested. Moving forward, my art, cultural and technical practice will succeed or fail, not solely on its aesthetic or functional merits, but also on its ability to approach sentience, augmenting itself as it interacts with the world. The science of Sentient Observatories exists to test these hypotheses, not merely to publish results, but to refine future iterations of both my practice and that of others.
2007 - 2018
Past Practice This page demonstrates my historical capacity to realize complex projects in the world and grounds my current technical art practice in the technical art of architecture.
1998 - 2014
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